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Scope of our services and Company information

As a certified public accountant company, our main performance area is accounting, consultancy and outsourcing services basically on Turkish tax system and financial reporting. . Our organization consists of fifteen personnel four of which are Certified Public Accountants, also embracing accounting experts and administrative staff.
1. Accounting Services Our Company will maintain the legally required Turkish books under the Turkish Uniform charts of accounts and tax regulations.
The legal books to be maintained are:
i) journal ledger, ii) general ledger, iii) inventory ledger.
Turkish Laws require the accounts to be kept in Turkish and in TRY. These represent the minimums to meet with Turkish Tax and statutory code, and our accounting system can be further customized to the needs of your company.
2. Tax Filing Services Based on the accounting records,
Our Company will fullfill the following tax filing requirements for your company.
i) Preparation of monthly income withholding tax return,
ii) Preparation of monthly VAT return,
iii) Preparation of monthly forms regarding vendors and customers
iv) Preparation of quarterly Provisional Corporate income tax returns,
v) Preparation of annual corporate income tax return and its attachments.
vi) Preparation of year end trial balance statement The above represent the mandatory filing requirements in accordance to our tax code.

3. Payroll Services Our service for the personnel on Turkish payroll includes: i) Payroll processing

ii) Preparation of social security declarations and employee contracts
iii) Computation related to termination of employment (severance and notice liability) iv) Preparation of documentation for new recruits and resignations or terminations
4. Reporting
We offer your company routine reporting services as long as you provide us your reporting requirements.
5. Other issues
We provide tax advisory services mainly on government incentives and tax exemptions related to your company’s business line. Our services include keeping you informed on changing regulations and their impact on your business proactively.

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We understand that you need more than just an accountant to lodge your tax return. We are redefining Accounting for SMEs.şehir İst.

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