How do I register a company in Turkey?

If you want to register a company in Turkey, you should decide some titles before getting action. These titles are;

  • Name of the company
  • Type of the company
  • Address of the company ( can be virtual office)
  • Capital Amount
  • Shareholders

According to the Turkish commercial code you do not need to determine your name Turkish. You can choose english or other languages

Mainly there are three types of companies in Turkey

  • Individual company
  • Limited liability company
  • Joint Stock Company

To set up individual company at least 5 years residence permit needed. But for other types there is no need. I recommend LLC because it is faster and easier establishment process when compare to Joint stock company

Address of the company can be physical or virtual. If you rent a physical office do not sign before sending us. Because there may be some risky conditions.

  • Limited liability company least capital amount is 10.000 TRY
  • Joint stock company least capital amount is 50.000 TRY

For more information you can mail us:

Here you can find the detailed list of approximate company establishment costs

Signature statement for the company manager — 44,00 TRY

Identity card example for each shareholder — 50,00 TRY

Power of Attorney for company establishment — 450,00 TRY

Commercial book approval fee for 100 page — -250,00 TRY

Signature circulars for the manager ( After establishment)- 450,00 TRY

Power of attorney to us for establishment — 450,00 TRY

Sworn Translation fees— 1500,00 TRY

  • Tax office expenses

Stamp tax — — — 100,00 TRY

  • Trade Registry expenses

Trade Registry expenses — -1500 TRY

Total legal costs excluding our service fee is approximately 7500–8000 TRY

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